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We are the company to call for all your fencing needs. We provide consultation, design, and installation services as well as maintenance on both residential and commercial properties! Take a look at some of our service specialisations below:

Rockhampton FENCING Services

black vertical fence made with colorbond material | Rockhampton Fencing Pros

Colorbond Fencing

Colorbond is a great way to make your property feel that much more secure. With its sleek design and fire-resistant material, Colorbond can provide the perfect enclosure for your home or business while still looking good with how modern it looks!

Pool fencing

Australia has made it mandatory for pool owners to enclose their pools with sturdy fences because a child or pet’s curiosity and lack of judgment can cause them to take a swim in the wrong place.

deep-colored timber fencing installation } Rockhampton Fencing Pros

TIMBER fencing

Timber has always been the material of choice for those looking to save money on their fencing project. It is inexpensive and easy to work with, making it an excellent low-end option for any budget-minded individual who wants a fence that will not only look good but also be functional as well.

Aluminum fencing

Aluminum fencing is the perfect solution for any homeowner looking to save money. Plus, with so many size and style options available for this material it’s a sure bet that you’ll find what suits your needs perfectly!

black and vertical aluminium fence with simple design | Rockhampton Fencing Pros
poolside with a semi-frameless glass pool enclosure | Rockhampton Fencing Pros


Your pool area is a place where you’re free to relax and take in the beauty of nature. But, with all your work on improving its design, it’s important that any potential strangers don’t have access to seeing what should be reserved for family members only! A glass enclosure will do just that – giving you privacy while still providing plenty of natural light so there are no trade-offs when relaxing by the water or enjoying some sunbathing time.