5 Alternative Options For Fencing Materials

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A fence is one of the more practical features that you can have installed on your property. Not only does it help provide a barrier for your home but it also helps in increasing your privacy. When choosing a fence, there are a variety of different fence styles and materials that you can select from. From wood to aluminium and even glass, different fencing materials offer different benefits to your property line. As beneficial as these different materials can be as fences, there are also many different alternatives to give a unique look to your property.

Alternate Materials for Your Fencing

There is no problem in choosing a classic material for your fencing. When it comes to choosing an alternative material for your fencing, it can also be considered an eco-friendly fencing or a more cost-effective fencing choice that can provide an eye-catching feature for your home. Some alternative options you can select from include:

Bamboo Fencing

A top alternative option you can choose for your fencing is bamboo. Bamboo may seem like it falls under the wood category of materials but it is actually a type of grass and can be highly sustainable for your space. When used as fencing, it can be very convenient as it can grow up to three feet per day. In terms of installation, it can be done in two ways: cut and dried and installed upright as a physical barrier or left to grow wild and contained as a border around the yard and property.

More than being a fast-growing living fence, bamboo fencing can provide the benefits of being low-maintenance. The material only requires to be contained in its location, not trimmed or maintained in any other way. This is because, if left alone, bamboo fencing can end up taking over not just your yard but possibly your neighbour’s yard as well.

Privacy Trees and Shrubs

Otherwise known as a living fence, having nature features can work great as a natural alternative for fencing. Different plants offer different benefits when used as fencing and some of the better plant selections you can go for include willow trees and hedges. With the former, you can form a fence by bending them and winding them together. Since willow trees tend to grow quickly, you have the option to create a unique lasting fence that can last a while. As for the latter, some hedge plants have thorns or stickers and can provide a natural deterrent for your yard.

Another plus with having plant hedges is that with the right plant, you can have a fence that can grow over 20 or 30 feet tall. However, being a plant type of material, this type of fencing can time and effort to develop plus there are factors like insects to consider as well.

Composite Fencing

This type of fencing is generally made up of organic materials such as wheat straw and recycled plastic with the aim to mirror the look and feel of real wood. The main benefit of this type of fencing is that it’s free of toxic chemicals, and the plastic elements shield the other organic materials from water damage without the need for chemical sealants. Because of this, you will not have to worry about any rot or decay occurring from your outdoor elements.

Rope/Rope With Ivy

A rope may not be the first thing to think of as an alternative fencing material, but it does have its share of advantages. You can create a strong foundation by stretching a thick rope where you want to build a border on your property and doubling it back a few times. If you decide to have a mix of rope and ivy, you can get a quick growing and natural border that is easy to install. The downside to having rope or rope with ivy however is the wear and tear the rope may end up with over time from any weight and the out of controlness that comes with ivy.

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Fencing is a feature that can hold different options for materials and different benefits with each one. While there is nothing wrong with going for classic materials like timber or aluminium, there are alternative fencing materials up for consideration as well. If you are looking for a more natural material for your fence, you have the option to select bamboo or hedges. Aside from this you also can go for composite fencing or even rope. Whatever you are looking for with your fencing, there is no shortage of choices to meet them. 

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