Which is Better: Aluminium Fencing or Wrought Iron?

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Metal fences are often preferred because of the strength and durability it offers. Even though metal fences are not ideal for privacy, it define property lines and add visual appeal to any home or commercial property.

The two most common metal fences are aluminium and wrought iron. Aluminium is an affordable fence material, easy to install, versatile, and maintenance-free. While wrought iron is extremely durable and can resist any weather.

Read on if you’re weighing your options between an aluminium fence or wrought iron.

What To Consider

To determine which type of metal is best for your needs, we need to compare them based on the following:


The cost of the material is usually the first thing most homeowners consider. The cost of aluminium fencing and wrought iron are comparable. Wrought iron is more expensive than aluminium fencing. If you want a low-maintenance and affordable material, go for aluminium.


In general, metal fences are extremely durable. However, the two, wrought iron is more durable and can handle heavy wear. But keep in mind that wrought iron requires more maintenance because it easily rusts. Aluminium fences do not rust and you’ll appreciate how maintenance-free it is. In the long run, an aluminium fence will save you more time and money.


Aluminium fencing does not rust and will look good even without maintenance. When cleaning an aluminium fence, spraying it with water will do the job. On the other hand, even the highest quality of wrought iron will rust with persistent exposure to precipitation. It also requires more maintenance because it needs to be repainted after a couple of years to prevent rust.


When it comes to security fencing, most property owners prefer wrought iron because it is strong and durable. An ideal material for security gates or protective fences. On the other hand, aluminium fencing is not as impact-resistant as wrought iron because of its lightweight.


The advantage of wrought iron is it is malleable, which means you can add a personalised touch to make your match your property’s design.

Benefits of Wrought Iron and Aluminium Fencing

Even though aluminium and wrought iron differ when it comes to durability, maintenance, and strength, they still have some common benefits.

  • Timeless and will look beautiful for the years to come
  • Versatile colour options
  • A wide variety of fence designs
  • Suited for residential or commercial use
  • Highly durable


There’s no doubt that metal fences are one of the most sought-after fences due to their durability. The best way to choose between the two is to determine and evaluate your needs. Do you need a fence for security purposes? Are you willing to spare some time and money for maintenance? These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself.

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